Ruhens Hot & Cold Water Purifier WHP-1800S


Price Inclusive of Installation

The water level varies with nano filters Fact!


–  Model name : WHP-1800 / WHP-1800S

–  Product Size

WHP-1800: 260 (W) 365 * (D) * 1100 (H) ㎜
WHP-1800S: 260 (W) 485 * (D) * 495 (H) ㎜

– Warranty

2 years warranty on spare parts
5 years warranty on motor


Each comes with 3 set of filtration


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Model: WHP-1800

Power Supply: AC 220V / 60Hz

Dimensions: 260(W) x 360(D) x 1100(H)

Hot Tank Capacity: 2 L

Cold Tank Capacity: 4.2 L

Model: WHP-1800S

Power Supply: AC 220V / 60Hz

Dimensions: 260(W) x 480(D) x 495(H)

Hot Tank Capacity: About 1.5L

Cold Tank Capacity: 4.2 L

Power Consumption

Heater Power Consumption: 27 ~ 490 kPa

Motor Power Consumption: About 90W (0.6A)

Cold Water Temperature: About 4C ~ 12C

Hot Water Temperature: About 70C ~ 90C

Product Usage Environment: Indoor (House / Office)



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