Bundle 8


LogHome LH5000F & LogHome LH300MG

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LogHome LH5000F


  • Setting and updating passwords of 3 to 19 digits
  • 360 degree Fingerprint Access (max to 50)
  • Built-in fire detection sensor/alarm
  • Auto-Lock Capability
  • Internal/External dual lock mode
  • Force-open alarm
  • Emergency power terminal of 9V battery
  • Theft & Prank prevention (1minute stoppage after 5 straight wrong input)
  • RFID card access & Pin Code (max to 30)
  • Mechanical overriding key for emergency

LogHome LH300MG


  • Setting and updating passwords of 3 to 19 digits.
  • Registering RF card or Touch key up to 50pcs.(Applied model)
  • Built-in fire detection sensor.
  • Auto lock function.
  • Internal/external dual lock mode
  • Alarm sound when forced to open in an abnormal manner.
  • External indicator lamp lights on for product anomalies.(Applied Model)
  • Emergency power supply of 9V.
  • Theft and prank prevention mode.
  • (1-minute stoppage after 5 straight inputs of wrong passwords)



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